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Advanced Yoga Flexibility Strap for Workout & Physical Therapy Exercises

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Advanced Yoga Flexibility Strap for Workout & Physical Therapy Exercises



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      We PRE WASH our Limber Stretch™  Stretch Out Straps so they are super soft and comfortable from the outset.

      We designed our strap to be super wide with a soft, padded panel for your feet as we know comfort is the most important aspect when you are recovering from injury or even working on your yoga stretching with of course, bare feet. We've tried the normal yoga or pilates stretching strap that has no pad and we find the thinness of the strap cuts into the skin. Our super wide foot panel solves that problem.

      The Limber Stretch ™  stretching strap is the only strap that is 5cm wide and made of 100% Organic Cotton with a comfortable foot padding in the middle of the band to support you in your hamstring stretches and pilates among many others.

      There are sewn on numbers next to each loop to help you track your stretching progress.

      Our extra long stretch strap acts as your personal yoga partner, more effective than PNF stretching!

      Special 10-loop band designed to stretch every muscle group - Improves flexibility & increases circulation!

      Numbered loop system for tracking progress - Perfect for physical therapy and maintaining fitness!

      Can be used as a yoga belt, ballet stretch, Jiu Jitsu, karate, taikwondo, judo, martial arts, cheerleading stunt strap, or physiotherapy tool - One band, countless uses.

      Our strap Comes with a Free Stretch Guide Printed Booklet, Drawstring Carry Case & downloadable 'Benefits of Stretching & Flexibility’ eBook.

      Comfortable Footpad

       The only stretch strap with a comfy foot pad.

      No more awkward holds with skinny uncomfortable straps.
      Made for comfort even with bare feet.


      Want to finally achieve that Yoga Pose that you'rejust not quite stretchy enough for yet?

      The Limber Stretch ™  strap can help you modify even the most advanced poses so that you can reap the benefits of the pose and work gradually on your flexibility.
      Recovering from an injury or just want to get more flexible?


      Use your Stretch Strap at home for physical therapy treatment, at the gym or at your yoga studio to achieve your goals.

      Recommended by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists
      Advanced Yoga Flexibility Strap for Workout & Physical Therapy ExercisesOur straps have been tested and used on patients by local Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.  They come highly recommended for patients in recovery from injury as well as patients looking to increase flexibility and blood circulation.

      Our strap substitutes as the ultimate workout buddy and stretching partner. 

      You will be able to achieve deep stretches that you'd normally only be able to achieve with a partner.

      Very easy to use with numbered loops for tracking progression. 

      The perfect tool for:
      • seasoned athletes
      • patients recovering from injuries or surgery
      • general flexibility training
      • chiropractors and physical therapists to use in their practice
      • yoga teachers and students
      • pregnant women to help modify stretches and keep blood circulation flowing

        Advanced Yoga Flexibility Strap for Workout & Physical Therapy Exercises
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