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What a fabulous and ingenious product! Just what I need for running. Zip pockets on leggings and tops are never big enough or secure enough to hold all your essentials. Now I have room for my iPhone, key, money and a tissue in the winter. Keeps everything snugly in place and very easy to access while your moving. Built-in key ring is great as it stops you from losing your key. Love it! Thank you.
I ordered the hip hug pro. Really good product although I didn't have to size up quite as much as the chart suggested. I couldn't choose a preferred colour with the pro but when i got in contact to swap the size the customer service was outstanding. So now I have a purple pro in size medium ( I take a uk 10 as standard). It is so useful. Really comfortable to wear too leaving my hands free when I'm out dog walking, running etc. Would recommend this product.

We used these to wear going to Disney World/Universal Studios worked great, security was surprised when they told us to empty our pockets at the check points and we pulled a Mary Poppins, and kept pulling items out of these things, it held my cell phone, schedule and map of the parks, change, keys, chap stick, hair ties, park passes, credit cards. The only draw back was the top will fold down a little but is still worth the piece of mind that even security did not know we were wearing them let alone anyone else. you will forget you have it on.



This strap replaces a previously purchased strap of different variety that worked well but didn't prove to be durable. The Limber Stretch strap is much sturdier and of superior quality. I use it daily as part of my PT.

No longer a youngster I was told to take up Pilates a few months ago to help alleviate an ongoing back problem. Whilst the exercises are helping me build up my core strength a friend recommended I try the Limber Stretch to supplement Pilates. In doing the various stretching exercises I found the numerous grip areas on the item easy to use.

OMG! I love it! For years I have been using stretchy bands or a rope type for stretching, but this one blows them away! I have carpal tunnel issues, so the loops make it easy to grab and hold! Also the band is wide at the foot area which makes it more comfortable and less likely to slip! Just love this and I am buying more to give as gifts!
Love this towel
Love this towel!!! This is the second one I bought and want to buy another! The design is vibrant and I love using it. It's super absorbent and doesn't move around during practice. Going to buy another one because I use it so much. Also, I love that it comes with a tie so that it keeps the towel rolled up when you're finished. highly recommend this!
Perfect for Yoga!!
Courtney Baker
Perfect for Yoga! I wanted to get a great session in this morning and used this towel...and it's perfect. I love the softness and the texture, it helped me keep from slipping and tripping all over myself but also made it comfortable for my bare feet! It's super roll back up and band shut for perfect storage until next use. I won't be using another towel ever and when this one wears out or I need to find a perfect gift I guarantee this is where I'll be coming to from now on!!!