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LIMBER STRETCH // Yoga movement embodying beauty, balance, quality & FASHION! 

Apparel & Accessories - EU & USA

Every fibre of what we do at Limber Stretch blends the spirituality and vibrance of yoga with the functionality of the active urbanite.  

Limber Stretch is based upon its designer's values of combining the best of both worlds to make garments and accessories perfect for every phase of your day.  

Our high performance fabrics and functional fits are combined with exclusive fashion forward designs for a look that can take you from studio to street to home and back again.  Every accessory is created with multiple uses in mind to compliment the multitasking modern yogi.  

While yoga provides the basis of our creations, the active woman is who we design for.  


Owner & Designer - Hana Difrawy

Growing up as a half Egyptian, half Welsh desert bum on the tiny little island of Bahrain I was constantly surrounded by different cultures, mind-sets and aesthetics. Travelling between the Middle East, Europe and Africa all my life opened my eyes to a million different people and experiences. The contrast between the spirituality and vibrance of the east and the functionality and forward thinking of western culture has been a consistent theme in my life. 

Somewhere along the way, yoga somehow interwove it's way into my life and started to make so much sense. It has now become the one thing in my life that is a total constant, something that doesn't need to be defined or defended. Practicing yoga and being active in general makes me feel free, comfortable and fluid in my own body and this is something I want to recreate in the clothes that I wear and accessories I use. Most of us yogis love to live in our yoga pants from dawn till dusk, but we also want to look good during our urban day. Therein lies the basis of Limber Stretch - fusing activewear with fashion and comfort.

Finding the right yoga gear is a constant discussion in the London yoga community, we all know what we want but there is always something that we would change! This has inspired me to create the perfect garments and accessories that will exceed even the most dedicated yogi standards. Innovation in fit, functionality and fabric is rooted in every Limber Stretch creation.


Part of growing up surrounded by so many different cultures and places brings an awareness of how the world works as well as how industries work. 

A fundamental value that I have had from the outset of creating anything has been to make sure everything is made under strict ethical standards.  It is up to conscious minded people like us to change the world for the better, starting with one small brand at a time. 

We try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible while still making the most highly functional sportswear.  We are set to pioneer the way in the yoga apparel movement with high ethical standards as well as amazing fit, fabric and functionality.