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February 20 2020 – Grace Laurian



Since ancient times, Yoga is one of the things that have stayed until now. In fact, trends change every year! All is meant to keep the benefits of yoga but with additions that could heighten or change the experience of Yoga. Check out these classes and find yourself pleasantly surprised by the experiences!

Here are the recent trends of Yoga for 2020:

Toe Yoga

It might seem absolutely ridiculous, but toe yoga is a yoga trend that is predicted to thrive in 2020. There are many ways that you can attempt to do this, including watching videos of toe yoga or requesting the help of your yoga trainer for toe yoga. But because of its simple nature compared to regular yoga, you can practice this at the comfort of your own home.


Broga is the short term for Brother-Yoga, which means it’s a yoga class the is specifically for you and your best male friend. Instead of going to other meeting places to have fun, why not go to the gym which will benefit both your body and mind? This is meant to encourage men to try out yoga, although it’s more focused on strength, muscle toning and a bit of cardiovascular exercise. Yoga currently has a more feminine vibe, and Broga is meant to make it more masculine and look more interesting to the male gender.


Fitness hybrids have been quite popular for a while now, such as piloxing (pilates and boxing) and yogalates (yoga and pilates). Currently, the latest fitness trend is Yoga HIIT. The way it works is it combines a series of short sharp bursts of HIIT combined with dynamic yoga poses and ends with all over body yoga stretches. Rather than reaping the benefits of HIIT and yoga separately, Yoga HIIT allows you to get the best of both worlds in a combined workout. It makes your workout more efficient, it also increases the calorie burn while at the same time lengthening and strengthening your muscles.


Roga is also another yoga hybrid, this time it’s meant for experienced runners that are new to yoga. They often have a bit of a hard time when they start out as the muscles and actions used for running make some of the staple poses in yoga such as downward dog quite difficult. ROGA brings together running and yoga in order to help you improve both of your practices through programmes designed to help build strength, stamina, flexibility and mindfulness.

Chair Yoga

For a simple yoga, one of the things you can try is the chair yoga. Simply sit your chair, straighten that spine and fold your legs as beginning move. Doing chair yoga while on an office break just for five minutes can cause great relief from stress and help you compose yourself in difficult office scenarios such as missed deadlines. It’s also a perfect way to recharge with minimal props as a chair is your only prop.

Karaoke Yoga

Karaoke is a way to have fun and also relieve you of your stress. Why not take it a step further and do Karaoke Yoga? You can find this mix by enrolling in a karaoke yoga class where students are asked to strike a pose and sing a song of their choice to get the energy going. Expect the fun to be multiplied when you sing along to an awesome downward dog and feel refreshed from your vitality.

Which yoga seems to be the most interesting to you? Share your answer in the comment section down below!

Article credit: https://www.indoindians.com/yoga-trends-for-2020/