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Posted on January 31 2018


You know the drill — get out of bed and pour yourself the first coffee of the day while you’re half asleep. This might get you going, or you might need one or two more cups, but then you have a caffeine crash, and you’re just as tired as you were when you woke up.

While we can all agree that coffee has its own health benefits and is very delicious, there’s a drink that’s even better: warm lemon water!  Here’s why you should revitalize your morning with warm lemon water that not only quenches your thirst, but is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and many other benefits.

Energy Boost

Lemons are a natural source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Similar to Gatorade, lemons have many electrolytes that can hydrate the tissues in your body and flush out toxins at the same time.

Stronger Immune System

Oranges aren’t the only source of vitamin C. When the vitamin C in lemons mixes with water, it acts as a natural substance that helps fight against viruses and other infections.

Lose Weight

Have you ever heard of pectin fibers? They delay the absorption of glucose in the body and normalize blood lipid levels, reducing hunger cravings and thus helping you lose weight. Good news! lemons are full of them.

Reduce Stress

Depression and anxiety are often a result of not enough potassium in the blood stream. Even the scent of lemons can calm your nervous system. Got an exam week coming soon? Drink up.

Improve Skin

Lemons are “anti-everything” that causes pimples and inflammation on your skin. Its antioxidants can erase wrinkles and blemishes, and its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the look of pimples and redness.

Fresh Breath

Don’t be sour. The acidity of lemons stimulate the salivary glands, preventing dry mouth, which is one of the most common causes of bad breath. Thankfully, lemon water is not strong enough to destroy your enamel. It can also prevent gum disease and relieve toothaches.

Help You Focus

Who knew lemon heads were so smart? Lemons have a higher concentration of negative ions than any other fruit. This increases the amount of oxygen to the brain, making you feel more alert and less drowsy. Cheers to better mornings, more energy, reducing stress, and overall better health.

Reference:  Spoonuniversity.com

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