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Posted on October 13 2017

Everyday life, work and stress can cause pain. Soon joints begin to ache, backs hurt, and people find themselves moving stiffly as they feel tense. Stretching is one way to help remove stress from life and bodies!


Stretching increases blood flow to the muscle and aids circulation. Improving circulation allows muscles to relax, leading to greater heart health and cardiovascular function. It also promotes circulation of new blood to the brain, which can result in an elevated and happier mood!


Pain arises in body parts where tension is held, such as in the shoulders, lower back, neck and head. Stretching, provides relief to the tense body. Holding stretches for at least 15 seconds to help loosen up and let go of stress. Stretching eases fatigue, impatience, lack of sleep, and disability and in some cases -  assists in eliminating the need for medications used for treatment.


When holding a stretch, breath stretches out as well. Deep breathing while stretching promotes full oxygen exchange, which can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure, inducing a more relaxed state of being. Just like when you’re meditating or practicing your daily yoga routine.

Limber Stretch offers durable Stretch Straps that can be used as a yoga belt, cheerleading stunt strap, or physiotherapy tool. It comes with a Free Stretch Guide Poster, Drawstring Carry Case & 'Benefits of Stretching & Flexibility' eBook!

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