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March 10 2017 – Hana Difrawy



Meditation can calm the body, mind, and spirit. It can help us to connect more deeply with the worlds around and within us. It has been shown to have physical health benefits including lower heart rate and lower levels of stress. But sometimes, life’s distractions can make a meditation session challenging.

Essential oils may be helpful. Proper use of essential oils during meditation can enhance the experience by grounding you and promoting a sense of calm.

Which essential oils to use for meditation?

You can use oils individually or in blends depending on the benefits you are looking for. Here are some that I find particularly helpful:

Frankincense: Widely used for its spiritual qualities, Frankincense deepens the breathing, bringing about a calm and meditative state.

Lavender: Calming and sedative, Lavender relaxes and balances the mind. It blends well with Rosemary.

Rose Maroc: Oil of the heart, Rose Maroc encourages creativity and feelings of love, both for the self and others. Assists visualization.

Rosemary: Stimulating and energizing, Rosemary promotes mental clarity. Use in a blend to balance its stimulant properties.

Vetiver: Calming and grounding. Great for restoring balance.

Cedarwood: Relaxing and calming without inducing drowsiness.

Palo Santo: Sacred and deeply spiritual, it grounds the mind and enriches the thoughts.

How to use essential oils for meditation?

While choosing an oil, be conscious of its special qualities and focus on the effect you hope to achieve by using it.

You can anoint yourself (try the third eye).

You can create a mist (mix oils with water in a small spray bottle) and spray the fragrance in the air, or you can use a diffuser.

Which are your favorite oils for meditation and prayer?


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