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Posted on February 18 2016

It's hard to describe just how exactly you feel after a 2 week Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Teaching course with Kino McGregor and Tim Feldman.  A couple of words to describe it?  Incredible and incredibly sore!!

The feelings of absolute pure elation mixed with muscle tension in places you never knew you had muscles is such a contrast but one that somehow felt amazing.  

The best thing I left with was this amazing sense of community for this group of yogis I had just met 2 weeks ago but suddenly had so much in common with and so much love for.  Every single yogi on that course had a unique spirit of their own but every one of them shared this wonderful generosity and genuine interest in each other, it was inspiring.  

It was like an unbelievable Ashtangi summer camp and I would do it again a thousand times over!

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