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May 28 2016 – Hana Difrawy



With the festival season now in full swing, we've included a few tips to help you keep your stuff safe at your choice of festival this year.

Below are some festival safety tips on how to keep your belongings safe at festivals this year.

Safety Tips:

  1. Never leave valuables unattended in tents or in cars.
  2. Consider what you really need to take. A great rule of thumb is to leave valuables at home. If it's expensive, leave it where it's safe.
  3. Only take out as much cash as you need. Separate cash from cards and only take one bank/credit card if you can.
  4. Try and move all valuables to your front pockets. Our slim-line Fanny Pack/Bum Bags are perfect for keeping your valuables safe at your hips with no bulk, have a look HERE
  5. Don’t flash the cash or the expensive hi-tech gadgets, be careful when you're in a large crowd. If you're facing the stage, enjoying the show without a care in the world, your back pockets - and anything in them - are left exposed to the audience behind you. This makes it easy for pickpockets to nab your wallet, phone, cash or anything valuable.
  6. Use the free lock-up areas provided by the festival organisers or ensure personal belongings are kept close and within sight
  7. Report anything lost or stolen to the police immediately and get a crime number that you can report to your insurance company

Just keeping these simple things in mind could make all the difference with your festival experience!

This years’ Limber Stretch must have festival essentials are:

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