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Posted on May 03 2016

The benefits of yoga include decreased stress and tension. It can help reduce stress because it promotes relaxation, and other health benefits from lowering blood pressure to sounder sleep and better fitness.

However, many busy moms shy away from practicing yoga. Some may feel that they are not flexible enough to be able to do the poses or don't want to make a fool out of themselves in front of others. The good news is that yoga is a lot more than asanas or getting into those perfect poses. You can still be a yogi without having to ever take a yoga class.

Since most moms’ everyday schedules are typically jam-packed we suggest these yoga tools that busy moms can implement conveniently at home or in the office:

Deep Breathing

Most of the breaths that the majority of people take throughout the day are quick, shallow breaths. Focus, control your breath, when you take the time to focus on your breath, you cannot help but become present in the moment.


"Music calms the savage beast."

The same can be said for moms and children as well! There are many different types of yoga music, which is often called new age, as well as chanting or crystal bowls.

Have some calming music on in the background, even before a temper tantrum strikes, can help save the day.

Yoga Moves

The great thing about these simple yoga poses is that you can do them with your children:

Vipartia karani or Legs up the wall pose can help calm the mind and ease anxiety. Plus, you can easily read a book to your child during the pose.

Balasana or Child's pose is another instant relaxing and calming pose.

Savasana or Corpse pose is one of the most basic yoga moves. Your child (or maybe even you) can be tempted to fall asleep while practicing it.

As a mom, you are your children's first role model. By taking the time to slow down, you are also teaching your kids to learn to relax and live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

So the next time you have some time in your day with your child, light a candle, dim the lights and invite your child to lay on the floor with you!

Say Om. Repeat.

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