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March 18 2016 – Hana Difrawy



Supreme bliss and enlightenment are the spiritual ultimate goals of meditation. However, the slow progress towards meditation also has several benefits to the body's improvement and general health as well as concentration. Many film stars, athletes and fashion models include meditation in their daily regimen to keep their minds calm and focused.

Psychological Exercises such as meditation is a very powerful exercise that work to help you improve your mental strength and ultimately bring you peace of mind.

Not only does meditation help you to maintain good health, a calm body and a sound mind as well as overall wellness of your entire being, it also gives your skin a beautiful glow!

Here's a list of why meditation is beneficial to the body:

* Lowers oxygen consumption
* Decreases respiratory rate
* Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate
* Leads to a deeper level of relaxation
* Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate
* Decreases muscle tension (any pain due to tension) and headaches
* Builds self-confidence
* Increases serotonin production which improves mood and behavior
* Helps in post-operative healing

And here are a few simple steps to get you started with meditation:

1. Find your meditation spot.

This should be a private spot (if you’re practicing at home) free from external disturbances. You should feel safe, at peace and comfortable in it. If you have a bedroom to yourself, that’s great! After you pick the spot, clear the space around it and remove any pieces of clutter lying around.

2. Sit in a comfortable position.

There are lots of different recommendations on how to sit to meditate such as the lotus position, sitting on a cushion, sitting on a chair or even lying down.The most important thing is to sit however you feel most comfortable, find a position and maintain it throughout your meditation.

3. Clear your mind.

Clear your mind. Loosen yourself up. Take a few deep, slow breaths and then once you begin meditating make no effort to control your breathing, breathe naturally.

4. Simply sit and observe.

Then, just sit back and observe. What are you thinking? What are you feeling?
Meditate for as long as you want, till you feel cleansed, purified, refreshed and good to go. The longer you meditate, the deeper meditative state you will achieve as long as you keep maintaining a calm and peaceful mind.

5. Ending Your Meditation.

Slowly bring yourself back to a conscious state of awareness.
Start off by being present of the physical reality around you. Next, be aware of your physical body. This can take 15~30 seconds, or however long you need to do this step. Then, very slowly, open your eyes.


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