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Posted on March 14 2016

It’s important to teach only what you practice. 

Yoga is practiced by many yogi moms, who have the eyes of their mini yogi kids keenly watching.

Here are some simple ways you can teach your little one to practice with you while having a little bit of fun too!

If you love Vinyasa classes, show your children flowing sequences that are coordinated with the breath.

If you sit for long periods of meditation, invite your child to crawl onto your lap for as long as she’s comfortable being still.

If you have an altar, let your child pick flowers or draw pictures to place on it.

Teach your kids to chant. You can sing along to a kirtan album, or recite mantras you’ve learned in yoga class. Mantras have a naturally soothing effect on their minds and help kids develop concentration.

Teach them to breathe deeply. It induces a state of calm, improves focus, and reduces anxiety.

Spending a moment honoring the sun, singing a mantra, or practicing a heart-opening mudra brings you happiness, try making it a daily routine with your child.

Let your children see that your practice makes you happy and let them follow you.

Kids will begin to see that yoga is good for their health, happiness, and spiritual development. And as they mature, they may be inspired to study and practice more.

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